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On This Day


March 1, 1996

5/4 Magazine

In Seattle: Dmitri Matheny

By Joseph Murphy


Sometimes, in distinguishing stylists and recordings, it's the little things that stand out...more


March 1, 1996

JazzTimes Magazine

Dmitri Matheny Red Reflections

By Jim Ferguson


With the exception of drummer Alan Jones, who plays with David Friesen...more


March 1, 1998

Workshop @ The JazzSchool

Four Pillars of Success In The Jazz Business

Part 1, Publicity: Ann Dyer, Merrilee Trost, Jon Yanofsky

Berkeley, California


March 1, 1998

Concert @ The Jazzschool

Bill Douglass & Friends
Berkeley, California


March 1, 1999

Jazz at Pearl's 

World Premiere: Savannah Panorama

Contemporary Jazz Orchestra
San Francisco, California


March 1, 2000

Monterey Herald

Christmas Tunes in March

By Mac McDonald


I never thought I’d be listening to a Christmas album in the beginning of spring...more

March 1, 2000

Oakland Tribune

Flugelhornist Dmitri Matheny Pays Tribute To His Mentor, Art Farmer

By Christina Eng


Dmitri Matheny got his first instrument, a trumpet, when he was 9...more


March 1, 2003

Concert & Workshop @ The Jazzschool

Amina Figarova International Band

Berkeley, California


On This Day

November 24, 1988

New Voice Jazz Sextet

1369 Jazz Club

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dmitri Matheny, flugelhorn

Mark Gross, alto saxophone

Jack Wright, tenor saxophone

Mitch Hampton, piano

Peter Herbert, bass

Hans Schuman, drums


November 24, 2001

Amina Figarova Septet

The Music Village

Brussels, Belgium

Amina Figarova, piano

Bart Platteau, flute

Kurt Van Herck, tenor saxophone

Caroline Breuer, alto saxophone

Dmitri Matheny, flugelhorn

Wiro Mahieu, bass

Pieter Bast, drums