1  Stardust 
2  When Lights Are Low
3  Twilight World
4  Spring Skylight
5  Whisper, Muse
6  Geneva
7  Soca Nova
8  Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)
9  Saturn's Child
10 When You Wish Upon a Star


Dmitri Matheny, flugelhorn; Darrell Grant, piano; Bill Douglass, bass


Recorded live-in-concert in 1998. “It’s unusual that such a wondrous jazz moment gets caught on tape. But that’s the story behind the captivating Starlight Café, CD number three by rising star flugelhornist-composer-bandleader Dmitri Matheny. Working with his remarkable trio of pianist Darrell Grant and bassist Bill Douglass, Matheny embarks on an exquisite ride through the cosmos, romancing and musing on his horn with balladic delicacy and gorgeous ebullience. This is dimmer-switch and candlelight music, best savored when the lights are low. Rich with improvisation and played to perfection, Starlight Café gleams with rapturous jazz radiance.” —Dan Ouellette, Downbeat