I am pleased to offer interactive distance learning workshops from my home studio via Zoom.

These involve a combination of live demonstration, discussion, and multimedia screen sharing (audio, video, slides). 

Potential topics include:

  • How To Learn Jazz Standards
  • The Juicy Notes | Improvising With Guide Tones
  • Bop Chops | How to Improvise Over Rhythm Changes
  • Melodic Mastery | Secrets of Lyrical Improv
  • Jazz at the Movies | Jazz & Film
  • Word Jazz | Jazz & Poetry
  • Syncopated Rhythm | Jazz & Dance
  • Seeing Jazz | Jazz & Visual Art
  • Music In The Digital Age | Business



Great workshop! So much practical, useful information. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.
—Wilson H. (Denver CO)

My students greatly appreciated the online Melodic Mastery workshop with Dmitri about one of the tunes we have been working on. His kindness and patience are limitless, and he has an effective way of codifying the more abstract parts about what make this art form beautiful. His joy for the music is infectious. We will definitely be having him present again soon.
    —Dr. Jordan V. (Holland MI)

How It Works

Before our session, you:

  • RSVP to confirm your attendance
  • download Zoom (free) to your phone or computer
  • donate whatever you feel via Paypal

During our session, I will:

  • share proven secrets, strategies tips and tricks
  • demonstrate techniques and provide examples
  • invite discussion and answer your questions

After our session, I will:

  • email you links to additional resources 
  • answer any follow-up questions you may have 
  • add you to our VIP invitation list for future workshops

Sample Workshops

The Juicy Notes! Improvising Using Guide Tones

  • understand what guide tones are and why they matter
  • write your own guide tone lines
  • use guide tones in your improvised solos

How To Learn Jazz Standards

  • use recordings, not sheet music, as your primary source
  • internalize melodic contours and key centers
  • compose a solo built on tetra-scales

Melodic Mastery: A Lyrical Approach to Jazz 

  • approach jazz as conversation
  • let the melody be your guide when improvising
  • phrase like a vocalist and follow the breath

Music In The Digital Age

  • use digital resources and emerging technologies
  • leverage your website as a central hub of information
  • work with industry pros as the steward of your career