Dmitri Matheny offers private lessons both in-studio and via Skype.

Based on the teachings of his mentor, Art Farmer, Dmitri advocates a lyrical, melodic approach to jazz.

Lesson topics include:

  • jazz improvisation
  • sight-reading
  • jazz phrasing and articulation
  • jazz as conversation
  • deep listening
  • creating original melodies
  • long tone exercises
  • vocal phrasing
  • blues inflection
  • call and response
  • melodic embellishment
  • motivic development
  • bass motion and counterpoint
  • tone production and enhancement
  • developing your melodic range
  • jazz harmony and theory
  • tonal gravity, guide tones and linear harmony
  • arpeggios, scales and tetra-scales
  • patterns, cycles, sequences and turnarounds
  • signature riffs, licks and motifs
  • solo transcription
  • swing and syncopation
  • blues and standard song forms
  • modal improvisation
  • ii-V7-I patterns and exercises
  • reharmonization
  • practicing with play-alongs
  • career coaching and music business
  • bandleading and rehearsal techniques
  • developing your own sound and style

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