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Dmitri is pleased to announce his participation in, a new online initiative launched by MTV. The site offers fans a stream of music videos, interviews, media articles, photos and albums by their favorite recording artists. On the right side of the page are links to similar performers the viewer might enjoy, helping fans discover new music. The site also offers fans the opportunity to donate directly to their favorite musicians without a middleman. Additionally, participating artists receive 50 percent of all ad revenue. "This is a very pro-artist initiative," says Shannon Connolly, senior vp of digital music strategy for MTV, "to help artists get heard, get promoted and get paid."


Today I was able to re-connect with several clients and friends, learn Art Farmer's solo on "The Squirrel," check out Donny McCaslin's set @jazzbaltica, study a new twist on a favorite business practice, admire some beautiful photos, peruse the amazing reading list of @Art_Garfunkel, listen to a cool BBC interview with @Jimmy Cobb, read @JasonDCrane's latest poem, and watch a classic Star Trek episode -- all without leaving my solitary bunker in the lonesome desert. Thanks, Internet!