"Starchild’s nemesis is Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk ('Sir Nose Devoid of Funk' from Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome, 1977). Inspired by the single 'The Pinocchio Theory' by Bootsy's Rubber Band, Sir Nose attempts to end the Funk because he is too cool to dance. He is the master of the Placebo Syndrome, which causes unFunkiness (a combination of stupidity and no dancing). His goal is to place the minds of all humanity into a state called the Zone of Zero Funkativity. Starchild, on the other hand, uses his Bop Gun ('Bop Gun (Endangered Species)', from Funkentelechy Vs the Placebo Syndrome) to achieve 'Funkentelechy' for all humanity. With the Funky powers of the Bop Gun (which are augmented by the Flash Light....Shine the light on them suckas!!!), Starchild causes Sir Nose to reach Funkentelechy, and find his Funky soul. He then dances away the night."

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