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REMEMBERING WOODY SHAW (12/24/44 - 5/10/89) 

24 years ago, today, Woody Shaw passed away at the age of 44 (May 10, 1989).

We celebrate his legacy and all that he sacrificed to bring beauty, intelligence, and artistic integrity to planet earth.

“Woody Shaw was a true visionary. The world suffers from a lack of true visionaries. I was blessed and privileged that Woody saw something in this meager talent of mine to allow me to be in his band for a few years. That experience helped mold me into what I am today. I’ve had very vivid dreams of him. Indeed it was my good fortune to be in his presence. I’m so grateful!”
—Mulgrew Miller

"He was truly one of the greatest."
—Max Roach
"Woody Shaw is one of the voices of the future... Not of the future, of the present."
—Dizzy Gillespie

"In the back of my mind, I am always thinking of Woody Shaw."
—Kenny Garrett

"Now there's a great trumpet player...He can play different from all of them." 
—Miles Davis

"Woods covers the whole spectrum."
—Dexter Gordon
Woody Shaw Official Site

Image © Carol Friedman