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"The code of the road is: if there is anything to eat, eat;
if there is a place to sit, sit; if there is a restroom, go."
—Jessica Savitch

"The one thing I regret was that my work required an
enormous amount of my time...and a lot of travel."
—Neil Armstrong

"Sure you love music, but do you love living out of a suitcase?
Because that's the life. You might think it's romantic,
but it gets lonesome out there."
—Art Farmer


"Everyone has to find their own voice as an instrumentalist, in jazz more than other kinds of music. You want to sound as much like yourself as you can, and still retain your musical values. My decision to concentrate on the flugelhorn was not as strange to me as it was to other's just a certain sound that I'm looking for."
~Art Farmer