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The Session Man cultivates stylistic versatility and diverse technical skills to perform in a broad range of settings. A master of sight reading and ear training, he learns parts rapidly and may be called upon whenever expert musical skills are needed on a short-term basis. He may also sight-transpose alto clef for double scale.


The Zealot can explain neither the intensity of his enthusiasm nor the extreme degree of his uncritical devotion. Is he merely an inspired mortal, or is he possessed of a supernatural afflatus? What is the source of his fanatical belief/behavior?


The mystic may experience the death of illusory ego. Is ego death related to the attainment of enlightenment? Or does this state transcend the notion that one possesses an "ego" with which to experience "death" in the first place? Surely ego death is a form of awakening.


The Savant may have no apparent abnormalities other than his unique abilities. This does not mean that his brilliance wasn't triggered by a brain dysfunction of some sort, but it does temper the theory that all savants are disabled and that some sort of trade-off is required.