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The Frugal Flugel Recommends: 100 Yen Shops! 

When in Japan, the Frugal Flugel recommends 100 YEN SHOPS, where packaged meals and snacks, groceries, water, toiletries, household items and more are available for about a buck. In addition to familiar picnic items like sandwiches, dried fruits and nuts, 100 Yen Shops offer a chance to sample such Japanese treats as sembei (rice crackers), iwashi (sardines) and ika (dried squid).

The Frugal Flugel Recommends: ZIPCAR! 

The Frugal Flugel recommends Zipcar!
Zipcars can be found in cities across the USA and are a great option when you need a car for only a few hours.
There is a $25 one-time application fee to join and an annual fee of $50, but then you get dirt-cheap hourly rates.
In Chicago a Zipcar is $9 per hour; the same car in New York City is only $10 per hour.